Corporate Principles

Experience Freedom
Individuals want to be free – also in the context of work. That is why our employees enjoy the freedom they need for their individual self-development. This ranges from flexible working time arrangements for a personal work-life balance over freedom of decision in their own area of responsibility to creative space for new projects. Here at BMT, professional responsibility goes hand in hand with personal life planning. Every day.

Build trust
In order to truly live freedom, you have to give trust to your employees. We encourage result- and solutionoriented actions and build on our employees’ competence and the fact that they enjoy providing good performance. Trust pays off for everyone and is therefore a crucial leadership principle to us. And the best motivational speaker we have ever had.

Encourage responsibility
Trust is based on every single individual’s self-responsibility. We encourage our employees to take responsibility for their actions and to make decisions independently in their professional environment. We have set the framework in order to achieve this by establishing flat structures and short ways of communication. Because we are convinced that there is no better place for responsibility and decisionmaking than the one where the professional expertise is located – the employees.

Reinforce strengths
Self-responsibility requires trust in one’s own skills. That is why we hold our employees’ professional and personal development near and dear. We know that people are most happy in their workplace when they get to do what they are best at every day. That is why our slogan is: Reinforcing strengths instead of eliminating weaknesses. In order to achieve this, we provide individual training offers, so that our employees can be themselves and become who they want to be.

Unleash creativity
If you get to play to your strengths, you get to unleash creativity. Our company is based on committed employees who think for themselves, communicate their ideas and are open for changes. Therefore, we are motivating all colleagues to look for original solutions off the beaten track. We envision ourselves as a laboratory for ideas, in which everyone can come up with innovations – no matter the department.

Create community
Self-responsibility is important, but does not imply that we are a group of lone wolves. Quite the opposite. We achieve our goals together. Everyone plays their part, from intern to managing director, and communicates their ideas to the team. As a company, we also envision ourselves as a community and a social network in which continuous dialog and vivid exchange belong to the daily routine. The same is true for team events and company celebrations. Because we attach great importance to a positive working atmosphere.

Promote fairness
As a team we treat each other with respect and in a considerate and friendly way. We postulate fair play from every single individual. Because respect is the basis of our successful collaboration, be it with colleagues, customers or business partners. As a company with a multicultural and liberal attitude, we cultivate valuable partnerships – regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, ideology or handicap.

Embrace diversity
Our team consists of people from different cultures with various strengths, dispositions and qualifications. In terms of cultural diversity, we are headed in the right direction and want to maintain this diversity also in the future.

Share knowledge
Sharing is caring – this is also true for our most important resource: knowledge, which multiplies by sharing it. Our aim is to distribute knowledge and information in such a way that everyone can profit from it and we can continually become smarter together. As we are a company that develops new technologies and therefore also produces know-how, continuous learning is a natural part of our daily routine. 

Promote transparency
We are a transparent company with an open culture of communication and a practiced open door policy. This means: we listen to our employees. Because we perceive them as people – not as mere workers. We are keen on knowing how our employees are doing, what projects they are currently working on and how we can support them in their development. At the same time, we embrace constructive criticism which we consider as a valuable asset. Because it is the employees with their personal experience and their ideas who shape, create and develop our company.