Cutting Assembly

The cutting assembly is a mechanism with three stainless steel blades and an adjustable diameter of 15-22 mm to accommodate to various valve sizes. The blades are radiopaque and can be easily visualized using fluoroscopy. To expand the cutting assembly, the device is unsheathed and the blades are deployed with the handle.

The cutting distance of the assembly is predetermined with the handle, allowing a safer cut.

Aortic Root Anchor

The aortic root anchor is a self-expanding mechanism. It is made of Nitinol, which provides for its shape-memory and its visibility under fluoroscopy. The mechanism is deployed by unsheathing the device and is contracted by resheathing it.

Atraumatic Tip

The catheter is equipped with an atraumatic tip to prevent damage to the aorta, the valves, and the left ventricle.

Imaging Visibility

The position of the cutting assembly and the aortic root anchor is identified using fluoroscopy. The radiopacity of both parts allows exceptional visibility and therefore ensures accurate positioning and a safe cut.


  • 15-22 mm adjustable diameter
  • 16 Fr introducer compatibility
  • 0.035" guide wire compatibility
  • 1350 mm working length

The Cutting Catheter for percutaneous aortic valve replacement preparation is an investigational device not available for sale at this time.