Sheathing the Device

To sheath the catheter, the distal segment of the handle is pushed forward until the sheath meets the tip’s proximal end. To unsheath, the same part of the handle is retracted.

Safety Lock

A safety lock at the center of the handle prevents accidental pull-back of the trigger. Only when the lock is disengaged, the physician can retract the blades.

Deploying the Blades

A deployment knob at the proximal end of the handle controls the diameter of the blade deployment. Rotating the knob clockwise deploys the blades to the desired diameter, and rotating it counter-clockwise contracts them.

Performing the Cut

Pulling back the trigger retracts the blades through the valves, scoring them in the process.

The Cutting Catheter for percutaneous aortic valve replacement preparation is an investigational device not available for sale at this time.